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I hired John to update three bathrooms and tile my foyer. I could not have been happier with the whole experience. Frankly, I was scared of the whole process. As a recent widow, this was something I had never had to deal with before. At our first meeting he and I talked about budget and how I could get the most "bang for my buck". He came up with ideas I had not even considered. I knew, at the very first meeting, he was the man for the job. I then met with him and Sanford and went over the plan he had drawn up - no blueprints needed - it was very clear what the vision was. Soon, I was meeting with Greg, who brought me samples of materials and photos of fixtures to select from. When the work began, shortly thereafter, I was amazed how efficient, and easy to work with, John's company was. They showed up on-time, were respectful of my home and cats, and took the time to answer any questions I had. At the end of each day, it was incredible how well they cleaned up. Another thing I appreciated was how, on Fridays, they would leave early because they did not want for me to have to pay over-time. When you are on a budget, things like that mean a lot. When I would receive a bill, all the items and receipts were clearly broken out so I could see how they were progressing. I have been very happy with their work. The bathrooms are just what I wanted and the foyer looks amazing. The quality of their workmanship is top-notch. John, and his staff, have responded to any follow-up questions I have had with great speed. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. And I would not hesitate to hire them again....which is entirely possible!!!

Tami ...



  Our 1959 kitchen was an absolute disaster. It was crowded, dark and depressing. In the summer of 2009, John Webb & his excellent team worked their magic with a total transformation. We now proudly show it to friends and relatives, along with our highest recommendations.

John was the only designer that bid on our kitchen with ideas on a better flow that even increased the work area. I am hands on and John was very good at listening and making some minor changes that made me feel like the kitchen project was just the way I wanted.

The IKEA cabinets are functional and of high quality. John presented us with a variety of choices in styles and materials. He referred us to a helpful website and made his recommendations.  The granite slab counters and detailed backsplash were expertly designed and installed.

All estimates were broken down with the necessary detail and fully explained. I cannot comprehend the experience related here in another's review - that's not the John Webb team we hired in 2009.

The credit here should be shared with the entire team, not just Mr. Webb.  From the painter to the project manager to the expert tile setter, all work was top notch.  I cannot stress this enough.

Over the years we have had several contractors and John and his crew were always on time; always let us know the daily schedule and who would be in our house and what they were going to be working on.  I cannot say this about any other contracting crew.

We have plans to have this firm return soon to redesign our home office area. This we'll do without soliciting other bids or considering other contractors. That's how good they are.

Jeff & Becky...



.... This kitchen works and is gorgeous. I finally have the kitchen I want, and for a reasonable price tag.  John and his team delivered a fabulous product. Our previous kitchen was a design mess. It was dark, ergonomically crazy and not fun to cook in. I HATED it!  We had some ideas about what we needed to fix, but John had the vision of what to do and was good explaining his ideas. They worked well with us to reduce costs too. We were able to assemble our own Ikea cabinets saving a bit there. I would not recommend this unless you have done some Ikea assembly and are familiar with their methods.  

We also did much of our own deconstruction of the old kitchen.  We had previously put down hardwood floor, so we had to remove old cabinets, appliances and wall tiles. We did as much as we could, which was down to the wall. John and his crew came in and worked very efficiently. Ours was not a 5 day kitchen as they had to do more structural and more plumbing and move gas lines etc. We had a great new kitchen in 3 weeks. They were responsive quickly with a few little things we found to touch up after the construction. We are still very happy with our kitchen. What amazes me is that we had about 4 feet of counter space before and now have about 14 feet and the place does not look crowded. Our kitchen looks so much bigger than before. Design makes a difference. Creativity and innovation make a difference. I recommend working with these folks.






...Our experience with John Webb Construction & Design was very positive, and we absolutely love-love-love our new kitchen. See their website for more - we're the birch & yellow kitchen in the "before and after", last I looked (the "before" was dark green & icky). We met them at the Lane County Home Show too, and liked their demo kitchen. Didn't know exactly what we wanted to do, but knew we needed to fix the dated look and horrible layout (curli-ques everywhere, 70's country geese; about 2 square feet of counter space; tiny corner sink; etc). At the initial appointment, John came up with some great out-of-the-box ideas on the spot for changing the layout - things that had never occurred to us or anybody else we'd talked to. A week or so later he had drawn up a prototype design on paper - not a true blueprint, but who expects a real blueprint w/o signing a contract? - and we met with him for a couple hours to discuss details, materials, our budget, etc. He  provided us plenty of information for a solid decision, before we finally signed the contract and paid our deposit. We were not disappointed in the bidding process, the remodel process, the final result, or the followup care. The workers always showed up promptly and were respectful of our time and space. The quality of their work was excellent; in fact they proactively fixed anything not to their own standards (or ours) as they went. Our new kitchen is far beyond our expectations, and since then they've continued to be responsive any time we've called with followup questions. John can be a bit gruff, but is really a nice guy and very down to earth. Regardless, we're not paying him for his bedside manner. What we really care about is the design and quality of the work and they excelled at these. Leave "charming" to the marketing people, who will tell you whatever you want to hear, at the price you want, and then deliver something totally different and charge far more. Believe me, we've had that experience before. It did not happen with John Webb.....

Kathy ...





John Webb remodeled my kitchen, family room and put a great new shower in my master bath.  It is all beautiful and beautifully done. Working with him and his people was a great experience... Things were done on time and costs stayed in line with his bid. I knew what i wanted, but he contributed some good ideas that i had not thought of. I could not be happier and highly recommend his company. 

Marilyn K.

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